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Schools Go Dance is always on the hunt for the brightest and most talented teachers. Are you looking for a fun and exciting career? Look no further than Schools Go Dance. 

Our instructors need to be extremely fit, have a passion for dance and children, and have an authentic excitement for teaching. 

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Skilled in behaviour management

Our instructors are highly skilled in behaviour management, ideally candidates already have plenty of skills up their sleeve, however we do provide extensive training to all of our instructors prior to teaching at their own schools in addition to regular Professional Development days to ensure our teaching standards remain high.

Keeping kids engaged

Being a storyteller and keeping children engaged with the magic of dance and music is key to being a Schools Go Dance instructor.

Talented performers

Every class is like a performance. You will be up in front of many children, teachers and sometimes parents! We are involved in many community events and our instructors must be strong performers and public speakers. Public speaking skills are a huge asset to any Schools Go Dance instructor.

Join the team!

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Think you have what it takes to be a Schools Go Dance instructor?

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